Solar rooftop PV panels Auto cleaning (DIY)

DIY Solar

Using Technova nozzles (yellow) and Rainbird pop-up sprinkler-4″ nozzle- 18 VAN (black), I have made solar rooftop auto cleaning (DIY) system. This is 3.9kw (325 watts x 12 nos Waree panels) Solar PV roofop system. All 12 nos of PV panels are placed in one slope.3 panels are kept side by side and in 4 raws. So that with minimum use of water,minimum use of nozzles,minimum size of water pump(1/2 hp monoblock), without using any additional pressure pump booster switch, all panels can be cleaned. It is cleaned in just 2 mins only. No wastage of water(used water directly goes in garden).

Credit Rohit Brahmbhatt

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