DIY Deck Building Tips and Trade Secrets | 1880s Farm House EP12

DIY Trade Skills

Our farm house needed a serious deck overhaul. With lumber prices soaring to heights never-before-seen we had to get creative. The secret to saving a lot of money building decks… well actually two secrets, during Covid is 1) SAVING THE STRUCTURE and 2) Doing it Yourself ! Even a very old deck may be old and rotten but more often than not the structure can be saved… and that’s exactly what we did. But if you’re building a deck there are more secrets and tools out there you probably didn’t know existed. We’re going to show you all our hacks, tips and tricks to fix your deck. But the deck isn’t the only project. We have a 800 square foot stone patio going in… only thing is, the plan has changed. Yes, I broke my main rule and changed the plan mid project. But don’t worry this is going to be much sexier!


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