The Ultimate Guide to Volkswagen Transporter Maintenance-Shock Absorbers, Brakes, and More

DIY Camper Van Conversions

Are you a Volkswagen Transporter owner looking to save money on maintenance and repairs? Then you won’t want to miss this sneak peek of my latest DIY video. In this video, I’ll be taking you through the process of changing the rear shock absorbers, brakes, and giving the van a routine service, all from the comfort of my own driveway. You’ll get a glimpse of the tools and steps involved, and some tips and tricks to make the process easier. Plus, I’m posting a new DIY video every Friday, so be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell to be the first to see it. Don’t miss the full video tomorrow, and join me in keeping your VW Transporter running smoothly.

Credit Car Asylum

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